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20 Months

Your closer to 2 than 1 and I can’t believe where the last almost 2 years have gone.  Everyone told me your childhood would go fast but so far your first 2 years have flown by.  I try to stop periodically throughout the day to stare at you and commit to memory the things you are doing.  These periodic posts about your development will help me remember what you were like as a baby.  Although I’m not sure the term baby can be used anymore.  😦

(Here you are with your girlfriend, Adri on the way to dinner.)

Sleep – You’re still going to bed between 8 and 8:30 PM most nights, some nights you stay up even later when we get together with friends.  You are still sleeping until between 7 – 8 AM and are getting a good night’s sleep.  Some nights it takes you almost an hour to fall asleep and your Dad and I love to sneak peeks of you on your video monitor playing with the toys in your crib.  Most mornings you wake up talking to your stuffed animals and calling out, “Mama, mama.”  You’ve totally transitioned to one nap now and sleep from 1 PM – 4 PM everyday.  Occasionally your afternoon nap is a little short of 3 hours but for the most part you are taking a great afternoon nap.  It only took you about 1 – 2 weeks to transition to one nap a day and you are surprisingly not cranky in the mornings considering you’re up for 5-6 hours before your nap.

Eating – You’re a professional at the fork and spoon and even love to use your little practice chopsticks that we bought when we lived in Korea.  You have expanded your palette a bit more and like to eat what your Dad is eating.  You had tacos for the first time and loved eating the taco like a big boy.  You still love Chicken Fingers, Grilled Cheese and have also discovered Cheese Hot Dogs and Fried Catfish from the Chow Hall on base.  We meet your Dad for lunch on base about 3 times a week and you love to run into the Dining Facility and give everyone knuckles.  Living on such a small base means you know almost everyone and even if you don’t know someone you still run up to them to give them a high five.  You are such a social butterfly and this is one of your favorite times of day.  We try to eat together at the table most nights and you love to bow your head when we say grace.  You put your hands near your head and babble and then say “Amen” when we’re done, although it sounds more like, “A-meh.”  You’re still drinking 3 bottles a day (morning, before your nap and before bed) and your pediatrician doesn’t seem overly concerned about it.  We figure you’ll grow out of it eventually and we never send you to bed with a bottle so we’re not too worried.

Activity – You have gotten really good at imitating us and do funny hand motions.  You like to blow kisses, practice your golf swing, show your muscles, give hugs and kisses, and practice push-ups and sit-ups with your Dad.  You still love books and will sit on our laps for 30 min. or more looking at all your books, saying the words you know and repeating new words.   You laugh and giggle all day long and we have so much fun with you.  You have started to act more boyish, yelling and groaning like a caveman.  You like to swing things and throw things and we are working on teaching you when it is appropriate to do these things.  We want you to act like a boy and exercise your boyish characteristics but we’re working really hard to help you decipher when to be gentle.  So far you are doing great, you know that outside and goofing around are for acting rough and silly and that playing with other kids and sitting quietly require gentler skills.  You still love to give hugs and kisses and will give them willingly to anyone who asks for them.  You even hug and kiss other kids when you’re not prompted to do so.  You are such a great hugger now, squeezing really tight and never get tired of giving hugs, no matter how many times we ask for them.

Talking & Listening – You are now repeating everything and try really hard to say what we ask you to.  Not all your words are decipherable but you are talking more and more everyday.  You have even started to say short sentences such as, “Help please” or “More please.”  You’re still such an easygoing baby.  You don’t use your signs as much anymore but occasionally sign while saying the word.  You’re still a pretty good listener and are still listening to us about 60% of the time (on track for a 2-year-old).  You have to sit in the “Time Out Chair” when you don’t listen and sometimes this makes you really mad and other times you run over to the chair and climb in like it’s a fun game.  After you’re done in the “Time Out Chair” you come over to Dad or I and tell us “Sorry” and give us a hug and kiss.  It’s really cute!

Morning Routine – Your morning routine is still pretty much the same: you wake up babbling and playing in your crib most mornings around 8 AM.  We come downstairs where we sit and give you a bottle in front of Sesame Street.  After your bottle you like to eat breakfast and get out as many toys as you can.  You are most goofy in the mornings and sometimes need some extra cuddles.  I’m happy to oblige.
Bedtime Routine – Your bedtime routine is still a sacred part of our day.  Jammies and diaper, bottle and snuggles on Daddy’s lap while Mommy reads a story from the library.  Prayer, love sandwich (our term for a group hug) and night night kisses.  I miss the nights I don’t get to tuck you in b/c I’m out with friends, it’s such a special bonding time for all of us.

Outside – You still love to play outside and are still obsessed with golf and baseball.  Your Dad and I are super impressed with your swinging skills, you are very accurate when hitting a golf ball or wiffleball.  Your Dad bought you the Tornado Golf Swing toy and you love to step on the pedal and swing at the ball.  You are also in love with your ball pit and jump into it everyday.  Even though it takes up half our living room you never get tired of it.

Clothing – You are still wearing 18 month clothes, but some of them are getting a little small/short on you.  I need to pull out your 24 month/2T box but you’ll prob. stay in 18 month pants for a while.  You’re still about 25 pounds and are now 31 inches tall.  You’re wearing a size 6 shoe and love trying to help Mommy dress you in the mornings.

You are going to be such a great big brother to Hudson and we are so excited for you to be best friends.

We love you buddy – Happy 20 Months.


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