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China Day 2 – Great Wall Tour

We were all up at 4:30 AM because we had gone to bed so early so we unpacked a bit, hung out in the room and went down to breakfast at 6:30 AM.  This breakfast buffet was amazing, I have never seen anything like it before.  Stations for everything – Fruit and yogurt, Cantonese dim… Continue reading China Day 2 – Great Wall Tour

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China Day 1 – Arrival to Beijing

Papi took us to Newark airport and everything went smooth through TSA Prechek. We got some breakfast before getting on the plane at 12:00.  The flight was smooth, Loli was a trooper. She and I only slept for about 20-30 min. at the tail end of the flight.  She was exhausted but still did so… Continue reading China Day 1 – Arrival to Beijing

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Passionate Pursuit

Last summer a friend, while volunteering in China, sent me a picture of this little thing, feeding tube in her nose, chubby baby flesh squeezed into a bright green swimsuit, half bent over an inflatable turtle swim ring.  The cuteness overflowing from her dark brown eyes and pudgy baby elbows. She was adorable, and was… Continue reading Passionate Pursuit

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Everly – The Beginning

It was at an outreach conference at our church that we heard the call.  A weekend full of horrific truth about the world’s child trafficking problem.  A reminder that here in America we live so well, so full, so blessed.  The conference was coming to an end and we were all seated, in circles, heads… Continue reading Everly – The Beginning