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Chemo – Week 1

Disclaimer: Stop reading this post if you are looking for rainbows and bunny rabbits.  This post is real and raw and full of unfiltered thoughts that I need to put into words.  So that I remember, so that others can understand how unbelievably hard this trek is and so that maybe, somewhere, someone who is… Continue reading Chemo – Week 1



Happy 10 Months Hudson!

You cannot possibly be 10.5 months old already.  I have no idea where the past 5 months have gone since we arrived here in Belgium.  Between moving from Spain, living in a hotel, moving into our new house and settling into life in another country your babyhood hasn’t been properly documented and I’m sorry for… Continue reading Happy 10 Months Hudson!

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Bienvenue en Belgique

Wow, I can’t believe my last post was in December.  Really?  What a neglectful blogger I have been.  Sorry folks but life is speeding fast and I haven’t even been able to sit down and catch my breath until now.  Here is a recap: Christmas – We had a nice quiet Christmas at home, opening… Continue reading Bienvenue en Belgique


Thanksgiving Recipe: 2010

This year’s recipe for a great Thanksgiving was different from last year’s although, no less delicious. 1 cup of sweet brotherly love 3 glasses of pumpkin pie martini to enjoy with some great friends 1 pint-size picky eater forced to eat half his turkey before being set free to play. Instructions: Once children are done… Continue reading Thanksgiving Recipe: 2010